Hannah Worthington: Busy time of year with plenty of tasks for SWISCo community team

Torbay Weekly

At a time of year when other plants are yet to flower, the colourful blooms of spring-flowering bulbs provide a welcome source of nectar for invertebrates emerging from their winter torpor, as well as a source of joy for we humans emerging from the shorter days of winter.

Despite the talk of spring and of things ‘waking up’, the community team at SWISCo have certainly not been hibernating.

In fact, the last two months have been busy, with lots of tasks to keep us energised and buzzing!

Through issues raised at the Community Partnership meetings we’ve been to, as well as the direct inquiries we receive, we’ve been hearing again and again just how important green spaces are to the health and well-being of local people, as well as the environment and economy.

Which is why we’ve been working hard to help new groups get the hang of things when it comes to caring for Torbay’s green spaces and supporting existing groups with the many parks and gardens they help look after.

It’s also why the street cleansing team have not been resting either.

They’ve been making sure that litter pickers are dropped off and rubbish picked up from community litter picks and are currently busy preparing for the Great British Spring Clean on March 25 to April 10.

Of course, green spaces don’t exist in a bubble; the habits we all adopt at home can have an impact on the wider environment.

That means the waste and recycling team also have a part to play in caring for green spaces, attending talks and community events - including a visit to February’s Green Café - to help residents learn more about we can deal with recycling and waste.

With all the community involvement from across Torbay, the community team may have been kept busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way; we want to continue to match the enthusiasm that residents have for caring for our green spaces.

If you would like to get involved in caring for Torbay’s Green Spaces, please contact Hannah Worthington by email hannah.worthington@swisco.co.uk or call 07747 616 075.