Growing a new future, one logo at a time!

Torbay Weekly

Christopher Smith, countryside development manager for Groundwork South, writes:

Celebrating the work of Westerland Valleys Community Advisory Group, a new logo has been created which highlights the park's interesting history and promotes its future vision.

At the start of the Westerland Valley rejuvenation works to transform the 35-acre green space, a Community Advisory Group comprised of representatives from the local community, public and private sectors formed.

The aim of this group was to bring together individuals with a wealth of environmental knowledge, experience and passion to inform local community members of the opportunities and constraints of the park while putting them at the heart of the decision-making process.

After months of conversations with park users, residents, local groups, forums and organisations, the Groundwork team were able to uncover what people value most about Westerland Valley and what their aspirations are for the future of the site.

Combining all this information alongside the expert advice freely given from members of the advisory group, a clear vision for the future of Westerland Valley has been developed with our new vision being to develop 'a vibrant and connected living landscape where wildlife thrives, and people are inspired to come together to explore and enjoy the natural world and take an active role in shaping a climate resilient place for the future’.

To achieve this vision, three core aims have been identified. These include ‘climate resilience’, ‘connected communities’, and ‘space for nature’.

Through setting objectives to achieve these key aims we hope to realise the vision for Westerland Valley while growing a more resilient future that builds stronger communities, brings people together and protects and enhances biodiversity.

Celebrating the completion of this work, a new logo has been developed with the slogan ‘climate, community, nature’ referencing the three aims, and a year of ‘1879’, referencing the construction date of the site’s historic reservoir.

We are very excited to unveil the new logo. The logo represents the culmination of months of work and I want to thank the whole community and advisory group who selflessly gave their time and knowledge to help make Westerland Valley the best it can be.

I hope the logo ignites curiosity in visitors and encourages them to explore the meaning behind the slogans, learning about the management and heritage of this wonderful wild green gem.