Great start to the great Torbay Weekly books stall sale

Torbay Weekly

What a great start to our great books sale. As part of the Torbay Weekly Raise for Rowcroft campaign we asked readers to donate unwanted books so we could auction them at a minimum of £1 a time.

We were inundated with thousands of books - so what to do with them all? Up steps Stephen Holdup and Torquay's town centre market.  They have allowed us to join the market party with our very own stall. We made our debut at the weekend and raised £250.

We are aiming to raise £50,000 for Rowcroft including 20p from every £1 sale of the Torbay Weekly which is now available at 120 outlets and stockists throughout Torbay and South Devon as well as still being delivered free of charge to 18,000 selected homes in the Bay.

Buy a book at the market and we will also give you a free copy. We will be running the stand every Friday and Saturday from the stall set up underneath a Rowcroft Hospice gazebo.