Going with the 'flow' as gentle movement classes open in Brixham

Torbay Weekly

A new movement class aimed at people unable to take part in strenuous forms of exercise has opened in Brixham.

Has your health been adversely affected by Covid? Perhaps you are no longer as mobile as you would like to be.

Maybe you need post-surgical rehabilitation such as after breast cancer, prostate cancer, or a cardiac procedure.

Do you have a chronic illness or chronic pain? Could it be that you are anti-natal and undergone a caesarean delivery? Are you overweight? Do your ankles swell?

If you can answer, yes, to any of the questions, then Tripudio movement classes may be the solution.

People who have conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or lymphedema should exercise, keep moving but the nature of these conditions often prohibit strenuous forms of exercise.

Even yoga requires a degree of strength and stamina to hold many poses.

Tripudio, however, is within the reach of those who cannot even stand safely and comfortably for any length of time as the movements can be performed either standing or sitting.

The use of music adds a fun dimension to the whole concept.

Tripudio stretches focus on releasing tension facia and scar tissue, which are thought to inhibit lymphatic health.

The aim is to build a strong core while strengthening the legs and upper body. The movements are non-weight bearing and low impact to avoid fatigue and overexertion of the venous system.

Classes begin and end with a gentle warm-up and cool-down called ‘the flow’.

The movements also focus on the postural muscles of the spine and core strength postural muscles of the neck and shoulders. There are also exercises designed to improve balance and gait.

Memory games come in the guise of learning and remembering dance steps and sequences.

And there is the bonus of social interaction within the group. Lots of fun, laughter, and the opportunity to meet new people.

Nicola Hall, a dance teacher with 41 years of experience, has established the Tripudio movement class in central Brixham.

She says she was attracted to the idea behind Tripudio as she has always been aware of dance as a therapeutic tool.

After gaining her Tripudio Movements Systems’ qualification back in 2012, Nicola then moved abroad and concentrated on teaching Bollywood as this suited the demographic of where she lived.

The pandemic has been a wake-up call and is largely responsible for her decision to start teaching Tripudio Movement Systems’ classes.

Nicola says an hour of movement, music and laughter nurtures the health and wellbeing of each individual.

She said: "This is especially relevant for people with one or more long-term condition, those who need support with mental health or who are isolated and lonely."

Members of Nicola's group have say the classes are benefitting them.

Jane, who has arthritis, chronic fatigue, and anxiety, believes the exercises help her body to relax and talking to other people makes her feel happy.

She says that joining the group made her realise how isolated, unfit, and depressed she had become because of lockdown.

Meanwhile, Lesley enrolled to keep mobile and meet like-minded people.

She, too, has arthritis and also IBS. She says she has definitely benefitted from the exercises and has fun at the sessions.

Ann’s aim was also to maintain mobility. She is nearly 80 and felt she needed to do something to combat the ageing process.

In addition, she values the mental benefits of mixing and sharing and believes she has already attained some improved mobility.

Gillian explained that since lockdown her mobility has deteriorated. She has arthritis, high blood pressure and arterial fibrillation.

Gillian says she will benefit from the gentle exercise and enjoys having a laugh and a chat with new people.

Sally has poor balance. She too is determined to keep the ageing process at bay. One major benefit for her is that she can actually do all the movements. And although very gentle, her muscles tell her that they have been working.

If enough people are interested, Nicola is happy to set up additional classes in Torbay. Currently she is the only teacher specialising in Tripudio in the area.

Sessions are held at the Catholic church hall in New Road, Brixham, from 11am to midday on Wednesdays.

To talk to Nicola and learn more about Tripudio, call 07783 787 369 or email nicolahall54@gmail.com