Global best-selling author from Torquay releases new gripping page-turner

Joseph Bulmer

Torbay author Lesley Pearse is releasing her 29th novel ‘Suspects’ later this month.

A gripping tale packed with twists and turns, ‘Suspects’ follows a young couple's journey as they begin to realise that their dream new home isn’t all what it seems after a gruesome murder is discovered near-by.

Since finding her true passion of novel writing at the age of 49, Lesley has charmed her readers with her emotionally powerful novels, which often give a voice to women from every walk of life.

After working her way through many jobs in London, Lesley now lives in Torbay as a best-selling author, with over 10 million copies of her books sold worldwide.

“I used to come to Torquay when my three girls were small and loved it. Many years later, I had used the one talent I had which was telling stories and at 48, I finally got published. To my surprise, I became successful and now have 29 books beneath my belt.

“I had a hankering for a holiday home by the sea, big enough for all of us. I found a three-story house, very messy, with a totally overgrown garden, and an old gentleman living on the ground floor. But I fell in love with it and bought it.

“I soon got to know lots of fun people here, and eventually left my old cottage near Bath and moved here permanently.

“I bought the ground floor a year ago when the old man died, and I am now renovating that to live in myself. The back garden once so overgrown with brambles is now a delight after ten years of tending it. Now I’m starting on the big front garden.

“Meanwhile, between digging flower beds and planting trees I’m working on the as yet unnamed 30th book. I adore Torquay, there is nowhere else on earth I’d rather live. I walk along the sea from each morning with my dog Stan and feel very glad I took the plunge and came here.”

Suspects is Lesley’s 29th novel, which will be released on June 24.