Geek Retreat gaming cafe coming to Torbay

Joseph Bulmer

Geek Retreat - the geek culture retailer, gaming café and events venue rolled into one - is coming to Torbay.

Co-owners Rachel Bell and Nate Brett are preparing to open the store at 71 Union Street, Torquay, in March.

It will offer the community a safe, friendly environment where people can come and enjoy their shared interests with a coffee.

From fans of Marvel, board games and Pokémon to Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Warhammer, all welcome to meet and play their hobbies together.

On the retail side, ‘geek culture’ merchandise such as comics, posters, clothing, figures and memorabilia as well as games and trading cards, will be on sale.

Customers can enjoy a menu including burgers, paninis and milkshakes with vegetarian, vegan and children's options.

Making sure Geek Retreat provides an inclusive, welcoming and social environment for all its customers, including those on the autistic spectrum or with mental health issues, is also extremely important to the store.

It has a national partnership with the National Autistic Society and is building relationships with local community and support groups.

Rachel said: “We are looking forward to offering something a little different on Torquay high street - a place to play and have fun but also somewhere that it safe, inclusive and where people with a love of geek culture and games can meet and make friends.”

Nate said: “As well as offering a wide range of free to play board games, we are also a retail store for all things geeky.

"The most important thing to us however is that we want everyone to feel free to stop in and geek out!”