From Romania to Neptune for Probus Club

Joseph Bulmer

Two totally contrasting topics were on the agenda for meetings of the Babbacombe and St Marychurch Probus Club.

Member Rod Tuck presented images which recorded his visit to Bucharest, Romania, in May, 1990, for the first multi-party elections after the assassination of dictator Nicolae Ceauasescu.

Rod had been invited to be a member of a team of election experts to monitor the polling by the International Federation of Electoral Services. He combined his visit with a tour of some of the city’s orphanages. He showed examples of the delivery of gifts of clothing, toys and sweets, which had been donated by residents in Shiphay, Torquay.

Member Patrick McGuire then gave a presentation about Cornish born academic John Couch Adams, who had a obtained a scholarship to Cambridge University in 1839. He became a distinguished mathematician and astronomer.

Patrick explained that Adams’ most famous achievement was predicting the existence and positioning in the Universe of Neptune by using mathematical calculations.