Frazer's yellow bus birthday surprise - on the 22/2/22!

Torbay Weekly

Frazer Wilton had a birthday to remember thanks to Stagecoach and a big yellow bus - and on the 22/2/22!

Frazer has CLN2 Battens Disease which is a rapidly progressive degenerative disease.

Buses are his favourite thing and yellow his favourite colour. So Stagecoach did the rest to mark his ninth birthday

Mum Amy said: "It meant so much for us that Ryan Rundle from Stagecoach was able to bring the bus to Frazer as it’s very difficult for us to get him out now. It had the electronic signs with his name on and wishing him a happy birthday.

"Buses are Frazer’s most favourite thing. He was really awake and alert and had the best day. We were told not to expect Frazer to be with us by Summer 2020 so it means the world for us to share this incredible memory with him on his birthday and on the special date of 22.2.22!"

Frazer, who lives in Torquay, was diagnosed with the rare disease when he was five.