Fostering is ideal for those who want a cat's company but not the full-time commitment

Torbay Weekly

One of the most demanding, but rewarding, roles within Feline Network, and indeed many cat rescues, is fostering.

This is where, when a cat comes into care, they are placed.

The fosterers’ role is to assess and care for the cat.

Bearing in mind cats end up with us for a myriad of reasons, including family bereavements, strays, over-breeding, abandonments, injured cats, relinquishments through changes of circumstance or living arrangements. Each situation is unique.

The fosterer is responsible for all care needs, feeding, litter tray, dealing with vet trips for such things as neutering, vaccinations, health check, or many other treatments such as dentals and blood tests and administering flea and worming treatments.

We do ask that ideally fosterers have transport, especially because the cat may need to get to the vet urgently.

The charity pays for all vet treatments, flea and worming as required.

We do ask that the fosterer covers basic food costs but having said that, we are kindly gifted lots of food and treats for our cats, which we share among the fosterers.

Anyone can foster - families, single people, old, young. You can have other pets, or no pets, but we do ask that the cat stays indoors at all times.

Sadly, if a cat gets out of an open window, even one that is ajar, they will not know the area and will disappear.

Fostering is ideal for those who do not want the full commitment of a cat but want the company of one.

Perhaps you go away a lot, have other commitments, or simply do not feel you can afford the costs of getting your own cat.

All fosterers undergo a home check, and would need permission from their landlord to have pets on the property. This has come about because there are now more landlords than ever who simply do not want their tenants having pets.

If this is something you might be interested in please do get in touch. Call 01803 392550, email or you can find us on many of the social media platforms.