Fostering - why not consider a vocation that makes a real difference?

Torbay Weekly

If you have flexible working hours, a spare room, and a kind heart, you could become a Torbay foster carer.

Torbay Children’s Services are currently looking for a wide range of new foster carers to care for local, vulnerable children who are unable live with their birth families or who need respite.

If you are considering a change in your work/life balance, why not consider a vocation that makes a difference by showing a vulnerable child that they are cared for and truly matter to someone?

Who can be a foster carer?

Anyone can be assessed as a potential foster carer with the right support.

You can own or rent your home, live in social housing, have a disability, have a job – although your work must fit around the needs of the child.

It doesn’t matter if you have your own children or not.

The most important thing about being a foster carer is the kind of person you are.

Cllr Steve Darling, leader of Torbay Council, said: “As someone who has benefited from being adopted myself, I know how important it is for people to step forward to support children in Torbay.

"Whether this is through adoption or fostering, such love and support to children can transform their lives.”

Torbay foster carers are financially supported with an allowance to meet the needs of the foster child and receive professional training and an ongoing network of support.

Cllr Cordelia Law, Cabinet member for children’s services on Torbay Council, said: “Torbay foster carers work closely with local social workers to ensure that ongoing support, improved information sharing and advocating for the needs of the child are paramount every step of the way.”

Torbay Council believes that every child deserves the right to thrive and increasing the number of local foster carers available is essential to support the needs of children who wish to stay living in the Bay.

If you have space in your home and space in your heart and would like to find out more, call  01803 207845 or email