Flat sea and sunshine for Torquay Rowing Club's 26 regatta races

Torbay Weekly

Torquay Rowing Club hosted the fifth regatta of the West of England Amateur Rowing Association season over a 1,000-metre course in Tor Bay as part of Torbay Royal Regatta.

The regatta attracted 84 entries necessitating a programme of 26 races.

Regatta organiser Richard Cudmore said: “It was a good day with a flat sea for most of the day, and the sun shone. The wind came up just after 12.30 p.m. but crews coped very well. Then the wind dropped away later on.”

Top local club of the day was Dart Totnes with six wins.

Dartmouth’s ladies crew of Ellie Langman, Tess Preston, Ellie Malley, Lottie Cusack and cox, Nadine Smith, were again winners of the ladies' senior C coxed fours.

The win has almost certainly secured the championship with two regattas remaining.

Dartmouth’s Josh Pichowski won the men’s under-18 single sculls.

Paignton’s Rob Harris and Mike Lister were rewarded for their persistence this season by winning the men’s open pairs.

The next regatta in the West of England ARA calendar is Dartmouth today, August 26.

Torbay Royal Regatta results

Men’s senior C coxed fours: 1 Dart Totnes, 2 Castle Dore, 3 Exeter

Men’s under-16 coxed quadruple sculls: 1 Dart Totnes, 2 Paignton

Men’s under-14 coxed quadruple sculls: 1 Bideford Reds, 2 Castle Dore, 3 Paignton

Men’s masters coxed fours: 1 Dart Totnes, 2 Exeter, 3 Paignton/Totnes

Men’s open pairs: 1 Paignton, 2 Plymouth

Men’s senior A single sculls: 1 Adrian Theed - Wimbleball

Men’s senior C single sculls: 1 Luis Wilkins – Bideford Reds, 2 Peter Mildon – Plymouth, 3 Mike Lister – Paignton

Men’s novice single sculls: 1 Robin Smith – Castle Dore, 2 Josh Pichowski – Dartmouth, 3 Tom Hughes – Plymouth

Men’s under-18 single sculls: 1 Josh Pichowski – Dartmouth, 2 Elliot Overnell – Plymouth

Men’s under-16 single sculls: 1 Robin Smith – Castle Dore, 2 Bideford Blues, 3 Dart Totnes

Men’s under-14 single sculls: 1 Will Hughes – Castle Dore, 2 Oliver Brew – Plymouth, 3 Sam Brueton - Paignton

Ladies' senior C coxed fours: 1 Dartmouth, 2 Bideford Reds, 3 Castle Dore

Ladies' novice coxed fours: 1 Dart Totnes, 2 Castle Dore, 3 Exeter

Ladies' under-18 coxed fours: 1 Castle Dore, 2 Dart Totnes

Ladies' under-16 double sculls:1 Exeter, 2 Paignton

Ladies' under-15 double sculls: 1 Plymouth, 2 Bideford Reds

Ladies' senior A single sculls: 1 Jade Colton – Castle Dore, 2 Anna Bloomer – Castle Dore

Ladies' senior B single sculls: 1 Anna Bloomer – Castle Dore, 2 Jade Colton – Castle Dore

Ladies' senior C single sculls: Dart Totnes and Plymouth both disqualified

Ladies' novice single sculls: 1 Harriet Crawford – Dart Totnes, 2 Plymouth 3 Exeter

Ladies' under-18 single sculls: 1 Isobel Burridge – Dart Totnes, 2 Nadine Smith – Dartmouth

Ladies' under-16 single sculls: 1 Lucy Webber – Exeter, 2 Hollie Creasy – Exeter, 3 Grace Asquith – Castle Dore

Ladies' under-14 single sculls: 1 Evie Owens – Castle Dore, 2 Castle Dore 3 Plymouth

Mixed senior B coxed fours: 1 Castle Dore, 2 Bideford Reds B, 3 Bideford Reds A

Mixed senior B double sculls: 1 Castle Dore, 2 Plymouth.