Finlake teams to rescue after church paths need urgent repairs

Torbay Weekly

Staff a well-known South Devon holiday complex came to the rescue after an ancient church's pathway needed urgent repairs.

An overgrown path that leads to St Paul’s Church in Chudleigh Knighton, crucial for the accessibility of the local community and congregation, was fully re-laid after the Grounds Team from Finlake Resort & Spa helped in completing vital works.

In recent years, the main paths around the church have fallen into disrepair and become overgrown causing difficulty for pedestrians. #

St Paul’s did not have the facilities, tools or budget available to address the issue. With accessibility for wheelchair users and other members of the congregation becoming increasingly challenging, the Finlake team offered their support and expertise to ensure such an important community asset was not left to further dwindle.

After receiving authorisation by the Parochial Church Council to complete the project, the team began the day-long endeavour to restore the path to its former glory.

Arthur Bray, churchwarden, said: “What the team have achieved is well beyond our expectations; the paths now look immaculate. Members of the congregation were amazed at the transformation and full of praise for what the Finlake team have achieved for our community. We are exceedingly grateful to Finlake for their act of kindness, generosity and community support.”

Darren McCann, maintenance manager at Finlake, said: "We are over the moon with the outcome of the work and hope that the enhancements provide a better future for the congregation and the local community.”