Fingers crossed it's third time lucky for artist Louise's exhibition

Torbay Weekly

Torquay's Artizan Gallery is hoping their 'unluckiest exhibitor ever' is destined for better fortune as they attempt to launch their exhibition for a third time.

Louise Bougourd, a South Devon coastal and landscape artist, has had her exhibition postponed twice as a result of the pandemic, with the showcase originally scheduled to take place last March right at the start of the first national lockdown. A second attempt later that year was cancelled by a further lockdown that pushed into 2021, delaying the exhibition by over a year.

Now Louise’s exhibition bares little resemblance to the one she was originally set to host, with a whole new body of work having been completed in the time that’s passed.

“We’ve got everything crossed that we’ll finally be able to launch Louise’s show which, taking into account when it was booked, we’ve been anticipating for over two years now! Her serene coastal works are totally gorgeous, and we’ll be hoping they find their way home with some Christmas buyers the showcase finally reaching audiences,” said Julie Brandon, of the Artizan Gallery

Louise has exhibited work at the Mall Galleries, London with The Society of Women Artists and was selected to exhibit with Chelsea Art Society. Her work is also regularly exhibited at Fairs throughout the UK.

Her Artizan exhibition, “Defined by the Landscape”, will run from December 7 to 18 with a launch event on December 4 between 6pm and 8pm. For more information about the exhibition visit