Feline Network shop is worth a visit - and needs volunteers too!

Torbay Weekly

Many of you will have seen our shop in Torquay Road, Paignton.

We took over the Direct carpet shop in 2016 and have enjoyed the being in the hub of the town centre.

Fundraising is always challenging, so having a shop as a central point of raising funds is advantageous.

Because the shop is large, originally spread over two floors, we decided to go down the departmental route - furniture upstairs, a clothing department, books, a craft corner were set up and worked well.

In the last year we dispensed with the first floor and no longer sell furniture, instead using the first floor for sorting.

We have introduced a dedicated craft section with its own manager, which is popular.

In coming months, we are looking to hold craft afternoons whereby crafters can come and share their knowledge, sit knitting etc over a coffee.

We hope to have learning afternoons.

The shop couldn’t run without our lovely volunteers. All ages and from all walks of life help us.

We ask that they are animal lovers, but no other stipulations on skills or experience.

This is where we, like other charities, struggle... getting enough volunteers to run the shop to capacity.

We often run campaigns. In fact, we are soon doing a leaflet drop to find new faces.

It’s not hard work, it’s sociable, there’s lots to do to keep the shop running successfully.

It is a great step towards paid employment, as well as gaining references and future friends!

Within the shop we have a signposting table, with lots of helpful information, as well as contact with the FN outreach team who help locally with lost or found cats, checking for microchips etc. We offer a microchipping service.

We are always glad to receive donations of pet food for our rescued cats.

There is a list on the front door detailing what donations we are currently taking - this changes depending on what is in stock.

We are currently full because everyone had a sort out during lockdown!

We look forward to seeing you.