Feedback to business – do you have the time or inclination? 

Torbay Weekly

In business we are always looking to find new ways to satisfy our customers and receive many wonderful letters but no matter how hard we try, mistakes occasionally happen and we have to deal with those to ensure they don’t occur in the future.

People expect good service and it is only when something exceptional occurs or something goes badly wrong, they take the trouble to let the business know.

Most car manufacturers have standards which need to be achieved but rarely deal with the customer unless they feel it could be a major issue.

As we move more and more to technology, one of the routines I have missed is regular contact with our team and our customers.

While it is always pleasant to hear from satisfied people, it is important to receive feedback, not only about what we are doing but also what we are not doing that you would like us to do.

The pandemic has encouraged customers, who are nervous about visiting shops and dealerships, to ask if we are able to reassure them of our procedures and in some cases organise delivery and collection from their homes.

While the younger generation are happy to exchange messages through their phones or other technology, the majority of shoppers will return if the experience is a rewarding and worthwhile one.

Who doesn’t want advice and information on their purchase, particularly if it could turn out to be an expensive mistake?

It may be simple for buyers and sellers to return and deal with low-priced items but the major purchase of a car can be more inconvenient and costly.

With the amount of new technology on every upgraded car, would you be happy to have it handed over by a driver without additional instruction and have to refer to the manual or the internet?

Some of this can be covered by video or remote conversation but it is a relief to find you can pick up a telephone and have a concern answered.

This will only increase with the electric vehicle arriving in greater numbers which I personally experienced last week.

I took delivery of my new Mustang Mach E which I have been waiting impatiently for, for many months.

This is one of a new generation of electric vehicles which not only looks like a sporty hatchback but has a range of up to 335 miles allowing me to drive to a meeting in Bristol and return without being concerned about where and how long I need to charge the battery.

For the first time I am convinced electric cars will play a major part in all our futures as we acknowledge the need to clean up the planet and improve the health and lives of future generations.

As more charging stations and increases in range arrive the dissenters will have nothing to put them off.

Already business is buying electric and not only because it is a benefit to their employees but it is also costing them less.

The Sunday Times has identified leasing deals that, combined with tax benefits, is making electric cars cheaper than petrol and with manufacturers offering battery guarantees of up to eight years or 120,000 miles another concern has been eliminated.

No surprise that an electric car was the best-selling car in June.

I will keep you up to date with more changes as they occur and my own experience of the electric car.

Keep safe and keep smiling. I look forward to next week.