Exciting events lined up thanks to collaboration

Torbay Weekly

The buzz is back! After what feels like such a long wait, restaurants are open for us to eat inside, bars can allow us to enjoy a cheeky cocktail sheltered from the weather and let’s face it, it's much needed after a wet and windy week.

We can now push with the next step of freedom especially with the readily available Covid tests.

Within 15 minutes you have a result and it takes a few moments to complete.

We are now able to safely drink coffee with our peers, hug family members and sit inside, even stay a friend’s house!

All those things we took for granted have become so special again. What a beautiful step forward.

After a long time of being distant from our ‘normal’, I wanted to talk about collaboration.

It can be hard for us to look at collaborating when it seems that we are brought up to seek the competition surrounding us.

In business it is very easy to see others solely as competition, in some ways it’s a positive - it allows us to grow and strive to be better but it can also be isolating and can feel that it’s hard to share ideas or ask for help which is perfect feeding ground for comparing yourself to others.

I feel this is relevant to us all, it varies from fitness, wealth, even to the point of scrolling through social media and seeing how many 'likes' or followers people have.

Particularly in woman - I can say that because I am one - we are often brought up from a young age to see other women as competition, mainly based on image and how we present ourselves.

Imagine if we changed the vision of competition into collaboration. Seeing efforts gone into creating something new and praising it rather than comparing it to your position - what a game changer that would be.

We have adopted that mentality at Fishcombe Cove Café because we want to welcome new ideas and businesses to collaborate with us.

Previously our focus has been raising awareness and money for marine life projects because it’s important to us - we all know how exciting it is when a seal pops their head up - but I realise our platform can be used for so much more.

Having recently posted online asking if anyone had an idea, project, group they wanted to put forward for a collaboration, as a result we have exciting events lined up.

On Saturday, July 4, we have an interactive storytelling event with local storyteller/writer Josephine Stories, which will be a perfect afternoon activity for young children and families - an hour filled with an adventure of Barney the horse, overcoming his fears, and diving in at the deep end, written and performed by Josephine.

Local mental health charity Healthscape will be joining us on July 20 for sea therapy: discussing mental health, cold-water therapy, and the positive impacts this can have on your mental health along with guest speakers and live music.

We also have the team from the Seal Project coming to do a seal talk, along with a barbecue and live music from local talented sing/songwriter Jac Wotton on June 24.

Limited tickets are available for above events if you are interested, please contact fishcombecovecafe@gmail.com

We are currently arranging dates for a macramé workshop with local creator and maker, Sam of The Crafty Stitch, for a creative evening.

On top of that and once the weather brightens up, we are hosting a special wine and cheese night with preserve maker/creator and cheese specialist Brixham Maid – more details and dates for both events will be announced soon.

Which brings us nicely to talk about new ideas and energy in Paignton.

Three mates, Jordan, Tom and Lewis, decided to open a business doing something they are passionate about. That passion is craft beer.

Just from talking to them - after a few craft beers myself - it sounds like they have had to jump through hoops to open to the public but their enthusiasm for bringing a new lease of life to Winner Street is huge - and it’s certainly working!

Firstly, Jordan, who also has Gaia Coffee on Winner Street, not only makes delicious coffees but also plays a vital part in the community, particularly over lockdown via food banks among many other selfless acts which effortlessly collaborates into the new venture with his pals.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about Five Walls Hop House.

From funky craft beers to bringing a community together, these guys are on it!

They’ve helped raise awareness for the likes of climate change via Cool Climate with their clothes swap event - which was very popular and we heard on the grapevine there will be more in the future.

They are also collaborating on dining events with local chef Tam from Tam’s Kitchen (side note: if you haven’t ordered from Tam’s Kitchen’s before, you are missing out! The burgers are amazing and the desserts are equally as delicious – and it’s all vegan).

The above events are just the tip of the iceberg on what these guys are up to, and it serves very exciting times for this area.

So next time you pop into Paignton, I suggest a little walk up to Winner Street so you can see it all for yourself.

The list goes on with exciting new ventures, events, pop up businesses around the Bay, I will be doing more mentions on future columns, the more I see, the more I realise the Bay is full of people who are thinking outside the box, taking the risk and it is really paying off.

Shout out to you all!