Every little helps, as they say

Torbay Weekly

As we all gear up, hopefully, to all things opening fully and getting back to some kind of normality, the charities and community groups in and around Torbay now have a huge task ahead of them getting reorganised and planning ahead.

It’s no different for the Purple Angel dementia campaign here in Torbay. Yes, it's true, ourselves as well as other charities and groups changed strategies a little and started figuring a way how to help those most vulnerable through the Covid pandemic and it's been a huge honour to do so

But, as I have always said, the community spirit in Torbay is like no other I have ever seen and the way they all come together to help each other is commendable.

It won’t be long now before our very own memory cafe opens again and in just the last two weeks we have been contacted by a well-known pound shop through the wonderful Sue Petford, a local lady working within the charity circles, and we have received the biggest boxes of chocolate biscuits and sundries for the memory café that I have ever seen.

This was so welcomed and we are so very grateful as every penny really does count.

A couple of boxes of biscuits may not seem much to some but what it means in reality is we don’t have to pay for these out of funds - It's completely free to attend the memory café - and also we don’t have to get in the car to purchase them - petrol, as we take no expenses whatsoever and we are all non-paid volunteers - as well as knowing we are secure for a few weeks when it comes to accompanying teas and coffees.

Then, two days later, the wonderful ladies of the Torquay Soroptimist Club contacted us to say they had knitted us lots and lots of fidget blankets, which are, in fact, invaluable for people with dementia who place these woollen covers across their knees and interact with buttons and zips etc which are sewn into them.

They are used as distraction techniques when the person with dementia is feeling agitated or unsettled and are a great help, not only for the person living with dementia but also the carer who can get on doing other things or quite simply having a moment to themselves with cup of coffee in hand.

So you see, some of the community groups and charities of Torquay also help each other as well as the public, which can be quite unheard of in other parts of the UK. It is something we should be very proud of, and the smallest donations like the biscuits, or tea, coffee, sugar and milk we may get in the future really does mean so much.

It's not always about the money, nobody in the organisation of the Purple Angel, whether it's here in Torquay, up and down the UK or even worldwide, gets paid for what they do.

We all do it for free as we are so passionate about what we do and there is no better feeling than helping others.

It's the thought behind some donations that matter the most. Everything donated to us goes back to those who deserve its most, which are those in need.

We are so proud of what we do and the support we get from the public or organisations in Torquay - thank you all.