Even the brass band are coming to the bounce back sporting weekend

Torbay Weekly

Torquay Tennis Club is gearing itself up for a full weekend of fun, sport, wellbeing, great food, entertainment and just being together.

Clubs from all around Torbay will be converging at the tennis club to showcase over 20 different sports and activities.

Even the Torbay Brass Band will be there and are already mid-way through rehearsals for the event which will be their first public appearance since lockdown began.

They have been rehearsing their fanfares and marches on tennis court No 3, preparing for the official opening ceremony at 10.30am on Saturday July 24 when civic Mayor Terry Manning and his consort along with other dignitaries will be attending the opening event and first day.

Musical Director Joe Rowland, who comes courtesy of the Royal Marine Band based at Lympstone, has been putting the band through their paces. Alison Sweet, who is principal cornet and chairman of the band, said: “I can’t wait to play in front of a real audience. Rehearsing all together for the first time in months was so emotional. We’ve had to be very inventive on how we could keep playing. We have used zoom but it’s not the same as in person and the timings are all so different. One of our band members learnt to play the trombone over the phone. It’s amazing what you can achieve with patience and help from others.
We are now not just a brass band but we have become a family.

"We are now very much together and want to celebrate and share bouncing back with everyone else in the Bay.”

Tennis Club chairman Andy Pelling said: “To have the freedom of being together, to encourage one another and cheer our teams on is a great privilege. We couldn’t have done this without the support and encouragement from both Torbay Council and Sport Torbay and it certainly wouldn’t be possible without the enthusiasm of the clubs who are all offering their services free of charge."

Kirstin Neilson-Hunter, club Secretary said “We want to give, to the people of Torbay, some enjoyment and laughter back that so many had lost, as a result of Covid 19."