Estate agent Amanda' praise for our property section

Torbay Weekly

The strength of the property market is national news . One of the surprising outcomes of the Pandemic has been a boom in house sales .  This has been explained by a combination of reasons - exceptionally low interest rates and by association mortgage rates, more disposable income available to some families who have continued working but have less opportunity to spend and the fact that people can work from home and hence home could be anywhere. This has particularly benefited the Estate Agents businesses in the South West.

The sales and distribution strategy of the Torbay Weekly has always been driven by the need to give our supportive advertisers a response.

These two factors have led to a very happy Amanda Ayshford who took the bold step of leaving a settled role at an Estate Agency to launch on her own in 2021 , always a formidable challenge and a very brave decision in a pandemic. She told us: "I have been advertising with Torbay Weekly for the last five months from starting my new business, and I have had great success with the support of Andy and Danielle.

"I advertised one of my properties for sale in Preston in the Torbay Weekly and received an enquiry from a customer who had the paper through their door.

"The customers needed to sell their own property.  Not only did I take their property on the market and agree a sale, they also agreed to buy the property that they saw in the Torbay Weekly.  It shows that newspaper advertising can still work."

The property section of the Torbay Weekly continues to grow and more new features are planned. Well done Amanda and thanks for your continued support.