Eric recounts battle to sink Bismarck

Torbay Weekly

The battle to sink the Bismarck was the topic for a video meeting of the Babbacombe and St Marychurch Probus Club.

It was delivered by club president Eric Walkom who described the last  battle of the  German warship in the Atlantic Ocean in May, 1941.
On May 18, 1941 Bismarck sailed from Germany towards Norway with the task of attacking British commercial shipping.
Eric charted the timeline to May 27, which included the deployment of the various HMS battlegroups, and which culminated in the eventual sinking of the Bismarck whilst it had been heading towards Brest.
Significant damage had been effected to the ship on May 24 in the battle off Denmark.  The final action had consisted of a number of airstrikes by torpedo bombers based on HMS Ark Royal which disabled Bismarck’s steering gear. It all ended on May 27 with an attack by HMS King George V and HMS Rodney, supported by cruisers. The Bismarck sunk.