Eco champion Mukti to star in climate change debate

Torbay Weekly

A special climate change debate is being held in Mid Devon.

With global warming and the detrimental effect carbon emissions are having on the environment, residents are being invited to the local authority's ‘State of the District Debate’ on the theme of tackling climate issues.

The annual event will be held on the ‘Zoom’ platform at 6pm on Tuesday April 5, featuring guest speaker Mukti Mitchell, a Devon sailor, carpenter and author on eco-living.

Members of the public will be encouraged to explore the topics of homes, leisure and work and discuss the most impactful actions individuals and communities can take to respond to climate change.

Local eco-champions are helping to shape the event along with Mid Devon Council’s Climate and Sustainability Specialist Jason Ball, and will be sharing their expertise in farming, business, community engagement and energy saving.
Mukti Mitchell sailed around Britain in an eco-micro yacht as a promotional tour with the message that 'reducing your carbon footprint improves your quality of life.'

In 2010 Mukti founded a company devoted to insulating period properties and enabling their owners to reduce the carbon footprint of their home by up to 80 per cent and to date has saved over 15,000 tonnes of CO2 through their work.
Jason Ball said: "The debate is open to all through Zoom - the topics are about our actions and habits in everyday life – and what makes the biggest difference to the planet”.
“Our guest speaker, Mukti Mitchell, is a Devon champion of eco-friendly lifestyles. His empowering message from 25 years of low carbon living is that reducing your personal carbon footprint for the good of the planet also significantly improves your quality of life."
In the Spring of 2019 Mid Devon Council joined with other local authorities across the county to commit to tackling climate change becoming a signatory and part of the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group and aims for Net Zero by 2030.
Mid Devon District Council acknowledges the evidence that shows that our climate is changing fast, and will have far-reaching effects on the UK’s people, places, economy, society and environment.