'Earring aid' pair are inspiring sister act!

Torbay Weekly

A seven-year-old Torquay girl who is not able to have her ears pierced following heart surgery has turned to jewellery design to make clip-on earrings.

And in doing so, Chloe Nock is raising money for Family Fund, a charity that helps families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.

Chloe, who lives in Ellacombe, was five when she underwent major heart surgery at Bristol Children's Hospital. She is now not able to have her ears pierced because of the risk of endocarditis,  a rare condition where the inner lining of the heart chambers and valves becomes infected.

Instead, Chloe wears clip-on earrings - and she has set about creating her own designs, ably assisted by her sister Milly!

Chloe and six-year-old Milly, both pupils at Ellacombe Academy in Torquay, are now selling their range of clip-on earrings and necklaces and donating £1 for every Item they sell to Family Fund.

So far, the enterprising youngsters have raised £91.

To see Chloe's and Milly's jewellery, log on to https://etsy.me/3e9CzBy