Dramatic bovine rescue from Torbay waters

Torbay Weekly

The team from Paignton Pleasure Cruises have performed the most daring of ocean rescues, plucking a very hefty non-swimmer from the waters of Torbay.
Somehow, a large cow got into trouble while enjoying a morning dip, prompting the Dart Princess pleasure boat to execute a wonderfully slick salvage operation.
The drama was spotted by Mark Green, who was casually enjoying the view from Torre Abbey, when Daisy got into trouble.  
“I’ve got no idea what was going on but it did make us all laugh,” said Mark. “I posted something on Facebook to say a freezing cow has been rescued near the harbour.”
The plot thickens.
Much to the amazement of onlookers, the cow emerged unscathed from the ordeal, but this is where suspicions arose that all may not have been as it seemed.
Ashley Lane from Paignton Pleasure Cruises explained further: “Believe it or not, we were involved in a shoot for a music video and we had a lifesize model cow on the boat.
“She’s called Muriel, not Daisy.
“The comedian Joe Lycett was here to direct the video and we were more than happy to be involved.
“It was such a contrast to the previous day, when we had the captain’s wife on board from the Queen Mary 2. We took her out for a parade as the captain was retiring from sea.
“We took part in that one day and then followed it with Joe Lycett on board, along with a lifesize cow. Anything to do with the water, we are happy to be involved.
“It was definitely an entertaining morning.
“We are up and running again now, although with restrictions that need to be followed. There is limited availability on the boats and a case of opening up gently.
“After being shut for so long, we want to take things slowly and then gradually get back to normal for the summer season.
“Bookings can be taken over the phone or text, so give us a call on 07767 622727. It won’t be long before we’re fully operational again.”  
Coming soon in Torbay, surfing sheep and paddleboard pigs.