Downes dismissal in the Stockport draw

Torbay Weekly

Torquay United's assistant manager Aaron Downes was ordered from the grandstand to the dressing-room after receiving a 'red card' for his touchline protests about the build-up to Stockport County's first goal in Sunday's 2-2 National League draw at Edgeley Park.

Gulls boss Gary Johnson revealed that League officials, watching the match live on BT Sport, rang Torquay chief executive George Edwards at the ground.

They told him that sitting in the stand for the rest of the game was not sufficient punishment for Downes, the day after his 36th birthday!

"The ref sent Downsey to the stand, but George then got a call from the League to say he had to go to the dressing-room," reported Johnson.

"The unbelievable thing is that, at a normal game not on TV, that wouldn't have mattered."

Johnson insisted: "It was a throw-in to us before their goal, Aaron shouted that to the Fourth Official and he agreed.

"He (Downes) was angry about the goal, and he threw his arms around, but he never actually swore at the Fourth Official.

"He's been in to see the officials after the game. It will be reported, because of the red card, but hopefully they will see it as it was, and not exaggerate it in any way.

"It will be a shame if they give him any more punishment."