Distillers out to help protect the oceans

Torbay Weekly

Salcombe Distilling Company (SDCo.) will be making an amazing gesture to help our oceans thrive in a changing world.
Inspired by the coastal vitality of Salcombe and its ship building heritage, the protection of the oceans is very important to Salcombe Distilling Company (SDCo.), with a desire to help protect and maintain the precious ocean environment.
From June 2021 until the end of the year, SDCo. will donate 1% of ‘Start Point’, ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ their award-winning gin and ‘New London Light’ their non-alcoholic spirit to help rewild the oceans and sequester carbon in parallel, while vigorously reducing their carbon footprint.
SDCo. have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society in the UK to help protect and regenerate ocean forests. Seagrass meadows account for 10% of the ocean’s carbon sequestration and are hugely important in the battle against climate change. For each bottle that SDCo. sell in the UK, up to 2m2 of seagrass will be protected and regenerated.
As part of their mission to reduce their carbon footprint, SDCo. is working hard to launch meaningful initiatives to ensure that they minimise their impact on the environment whilst making the most positive contribution to improve the health and wellbeing of the oceans.
In addition to the above, SDCo. have implemented the following actions across the business: carbon neutral shipping, prohibiting plastic where possible, renewable energy and the gin refill scheme.
Howard Davies, Co-Founder of Salcombe Distilling Co. Said: “Given the importance of seagrass we’re thrilled to launch our new partnership with the Marine Conservation Society; we will make a contribution to the Marine Conservation Society’s seagrass project for every bottle of ‘Start Point’, ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ and ‘New London Light’ sold here in the UK. This means that for each bottle sold up to 2m2 of seagrass will be protected, providing a real and tangible benefit to the ongoing wellbeing of our oceans and a valuable contribution to the global battle against climate change. We aim to make the most positive contribution possible to improve the health and wellbeing of the world's oceans alongside producing exceptional spirits and have created an ethos to support this through everything we do.”