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Dire Straits’ ‘Brothers in Arms’ Rresurrected at Brixham Theatre

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The Dire Straits tribute band, dS:uK, is coming to Brixham Theatre on Friday, June 24.

They began touring in 2016 and quickly became regarded as the best with their attention to musical and sonic detail.

To say that dS:uK sounds like the original band is an understatement. Their 2022 ‘Brothers in 85’ tour pays homage to the Dire Straits, worldwide tour of that year.

It offers fans the ultimate Dire Straits, experience and all those classic songs that you want to hear live again.

The world seems to abound in tribute bands of all shapes, sizes and quality. Maybe you are toying with the idea of starting one.

If so, here is a piece of advice from Dave Phillips of dS:uK: “A lot of tribute bands producers merely run a band to a specific artist because that artist is successful and attractive to audiences and sells tickets.

“Then there are producers who create shows because they are genuine admirers of the performer and want to give their audiences an experience that they themselves would like to visit. The dS:uK tribute band is the latter.”

Mark Knopfter, one of the founders and lead guitarist of Dire Straits, was the entire reason for vocalist/lead guitar, David Knight starting to play the instrument in the first place and there is so much of Mark’s style in his natural playing.

The whole idea came to the group after seeing a Dire Straits tribute band who did not do a very good job. It looked cheesy and so many of the arrangements were just wrong.

The things that made Mark’s music stand out is that it is composed art and meticulously crafted. When it is not reproduced faithfully it does not work.

Shortly after forming dS:uK, David studied for his BA. Performance and recording were key aspects of the course.

One of his performance assessments prompted the response and feedback ‘sounds a… little too like Knopfter’.

It was not intended as a compliment. What an accolade!

He was later offered voluntary redundancy from a job and decided to focus on building a Dire Straits tribute band that fans, like him, deserved.

The original band was formed in London in 1977, by Mark and David Knopfter, Pick Withers and John Illsley.

They were active with various line-ups until 1995 with a brief two-year break in the late 1980s. Their first single ‘Sultans of Swing’ in 1975 reached the top ten in the UK and US.

The ‘Brothers in Arms’ album sold 30 million copies and still sits in the top ten of the best- selling works in chart history.

It was the first album to sell a million copies on compact disc. Their final tour, 1991-1992, some three hundred performances, sold more than seven million tickets and over the years they won many prestigious awards for their contribution to music.

A hard act for any tribute band to follow.

The dS:uK band take this challenge extremely seriously.

They perform some 50 shows a year and are happy to put up with long drives between gigs and not being able to eat well on the road because they love what they do.

The real reward is the interaction with the audiences, seeing their surprised response to the quality of the accuracy of Dire Straits’ sound and songs.

Future plans include a CD which is in the printing process and features original creations by band members, alongside old Dire Straits numbers.

‘Brothers in 85’, Brixham Theatre, Friday, June 24, at 7.30pm. Doors are open at 6.30pm. Tickets, £18 (disabled and carer £18 for two tickets) are available from the box office on 01803 415987 or online at They can also be purchased in Brixham Library and on the evening of the performance in person from the box office.

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