Different ways to help Feline Network - and volunteers always needed

Joseph Bulmer

I am going to take this opportunity to sing the praises of our volunteers and explain what they do within the different aspects of Feline Network.

We first set up the rescue in 2009 with just two volunteers, two kittens and £10.

From the beginning, we tried to help as many older and FIV+ cats as we could, that is still our ethos today.


Fosterers are families or individuals who take in the cats we rescue, care for them, feed them, ensure they see the vet for treatment, neuter, vaccinations etc, and ready them for new homes. Some fosterers have children, some dogs, others have no animals at all – we like to have a good mix.

Fundraising and shop volunteers

We have a large charity shop in the centre of Paignton, run by volunteers of all ages.  It is a friendly team, again from all walks of life!

We are well supported by the community and are kept busy with lots of donations.

We often hold outdoor events or supermarket collections, which can be quite fun.

Later this year we have an intrepid lady doing a sky dive for us!


Our outreach team respond to calls for help from the public, whether it is a stray, abandoned cat needing help, or even just scanning for a microchip to locate an owner.

If the stray is not injured or in danger, we would paper collar them.

Often it is an un-neutered tom who needs care. We work closely with a rescue by the name of Hector’s House to help as many of these cats as possible.

Usually they were once someone’s kitten, who wandered off and got lost, due to being un-neutered.

We are keen to welcome new volunteers, currently we are looking for social media help plus more shop volunteers.

As well as being rewarding, volunteering can often lead to employment, and secures you a reference. It is also, a great opportunity to meet people and build up your social life!

If you are interested in volunteering, please either email felinenetwork2009@gmail.com or call 01803 392550.