Did YOU win Brixham Lottery prize?

Joseph Bulmer

The New Year's Eve Brixham Lottery draw was won by ticket number 0096PA.

No winner has come forward yet, but the card holder has until midnight on February 28 to do so.

The unclaimed prize is £1,000 of jewellery of choice from Dobles in Fore Street, Brixham.

Brixham Lottery has already delivered some amazing prizes including a Spitfire flight, a luxury cruise for two people, an electric bike and alternative cash prizes amounting to thousands of pounds.

Chief organiser John Rudden said: "People know that our lottery cards make an excellent alternative to normal cards for any occasion.

"Also, local people see the results with new local murals, floral displays, and small projects.

"The income generated helped fund the replacement of community information panels outside the new Fish Market building.

"We have planned a few free public celebrations of major events for the year. People see that 100 per cent of income generated goes to a local project or good cause.

A new spring lottery card will be available in Brixham shops, including Flour Flower Cafe and Florist, Shells Hairdresser, Colours of Brixham Art Shop, Dobles Jewellers, Trinity Cakes and the Chart Room at the end of the month.

Brixham Lottery promoter John Brennan said: "The appeal of our Brixham Lottery is that it sells very few tickets so people know they have a good chance."