Devon Masons donate £25,000 to help typhoon victims

Torbay Weekly

Hundreds of families across the Philippines in desperate need of help in the aftermath of Typhoon Rai will be receiving essential supplies thanks to a grant of £25,000 from Devon.

Devonshire Freemasons and other Provinces have supported independent charity Plan International -an independent development and humanitarian charity helping victims of the typhoon - with the donation.

The funds will be used to provide hygiene kits, including soap, shampoo, towels, toothpaste and brushes to 851 families to help them keep clean and healthy in the aftermath of the devastating typhoon.

Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines on 16 December, making landfall on islands across the country, leaving almost 400 people dead and causing massive damage.

Ian Kingsbury, Head of the Devonshire Freemasons, said: "I’m very pleased we’ve been able to help Plan International with their relief effort in the Philippines. This is a desperate situation and Plan and the other organisations helping on the ground need all the help and support we in the outside world can offer.”