Day when the classic cars went head to head with the tractors

Torbay Weekly

Classic car enthusiasts were finally able to hit the road after months of lockdown frustration.

Members of the Torbay Old Wheels Classic Car Club joined Drive It Day 2021 raising money for the NSPCC's Childline charity at the same time.

Initially organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Club, Drive it Day has become one of the largest classic car events in the UK.

Chris Headon, of the Torbay club, said: "With Covid restrictions putting a halt to just about every event last year, we were all looking forward to getting out there again and doing what we love, driving our classics. With restrictions lifted a little this year we could do just that, bring our cars out of hibernation and get them on the road.

Cars set off from two locations on different routes to converge on Widecombe in the Moor later that day. One set off from Newton Abbot to drive on to the moor and down from the north, with the other group setting off from Steamer Quay in Totnes to take the southern route through Avonwick, Ivybridge, Cornwood, Yelverton, Princetown, Two Bridges and Dartmeet, before heading to Widecombe.

Chris revealed: "Once on the moor we encountered around 70 tractors coming in the opposite direction. Farmers were also out on a charity fund raiser. Being somewhat smaller, our own convoy pulled over to the side of the road and waved at them as they came through with smiles and waves from both sides."

He added: "When we arrived at Widecombe we were met by our other group who had arrived just before us and we all parked up, socially distanced of course, to eat a picnic and chat to the various visitors to the village who had not expected to be presented with an impromptu classic car show.

"We had a number of new members to the club who were joining us on a run for the first, but from the feedback we received, not the last time. A great day enjoyed by members and public alike."