Dave combines spooky tales, Dartmoor and a Devon cream tea in new business

Torbay Weekly

David Phillips loves a bit of spookiness – so now he had made a business out of it.

He has combined his passion for Dartmoor with his love of sharing spooky stories. He has been Torbay Investigators of the Paranormal for nearly 30 years but says: “I have spent a longer time on the moors so I thought it was time to share my knowledge.”

Hence the birth of Moors & More Tours.

David said: “After conversations with my friend Paul Spencer, an experienced driver we came up with the idea of bespoke, intimate tours across Dartmoor, where he would do the driving and I would be the tour guide.”

Learning about Jan Reynolds and his exploits or travelling across the whole of the Moor are just two examples of the tours. There will be time for a Devon Cream Tea (if you put the cream on first)!