Dancing Babes classes are first of kind in Devon

Torbay Weekly

A 'dance' class for babies in slings is launching in Torbay this month - the first of its kind in Devon.

The classes, where parents will be able to move and dance with sling-held babies, start at The Spark Studio in Metherell Avenue, Brixham, on Tuesday, June 15.

A spokesman for The Dancing Babes project said: "The focus is on building the bond between a parent and babe, allowing a time and space without pressure to enjoy being together, gentle exercise and dance movement and time to socialise with other parents, all within a Covid-safe venue.

"New parents have had a particularly difficult time giving birth during the pandemic as lockdowns and Covid regulations meant that often the support they might have had from parents, family and friends just could not be available.

"The dance tutors have had specialist Slingababy training in the use of slings and harnesses, as well as taken master classes in moving and dancing with babies from experienced dance development tutors.

"This is a venture that has not been staged before further South West than Bristol so is an exciting development in the programme of Brixham’s newest arts centre.

"Babies must be at least four months old and able to support their heads independently in order to take part safely.

"The maximum age is up to the parent to decide but they must be able to exercise with their child’s weight comfortably on their front in a harness. Mothers must have had their post natal clearance checks for exercise before taking part."

Classes will run on Tuesdays from 10am. Baby changing facilities and refreshments will be available. The first class is free and then classes cost £7, payable in half-term blocks. No dance experience or special fitness levels are required.

To book a space, email info@brixhamspark.co.uk or call/text 07890 010 191 for an information sheet. Numbers will be limited.

The Dancing Babes project has been made possible by a grant from LocalGiving and Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded by players of Postcode Lottery (Magic Little Grants).

The project has also been supported by The Elmgrant Trust and the National Lottery Community Local Connections Fund.