Curtains up on English Riviera Film Festival

Joseph Bulmer

A glittering line-up of events is on offer at the 2021 English Riviera Film Festival returning for its seventh annual celebration of film making in the South West and around the world.

A record number of worldwide film entries means that there will be double the amount of films screened as in previous years. Some of the previous years English Riviera Film Festival award winners and films have achieved TV,  cinema and film industry success.

This year's awards ceremony and screening takes place at the state of art Cinema at South Devon College's High Tech and Digital Centre on  Saturday November 6

The awards are hand crafted by Our Glass in Cockington Torquay and each year the award categories are expanded with 12 awards up for grabs this year, including one for Best Film Score.

The Artizan Gallery in Lucius Street, Torquay, is hosting four days of screenings as part of this year's festival. It opened with a special focus on animated films and showed international films and emerging talent from across the UK , including RADA, colleges across the South West and the Royal College of Art.

Two events have been included at Torquay Museum  a talk from the Film Makers who fulfilled their feature film dream of making an Indie feature length documentary about the legendary 80's film "Ghostbusters" and a film Premiere, The Legend Plays On, exploring the true story of Billy Sutton (grandson of a Peaky Blinder).

The film was shot across the South West. Billy and many of the Cast and Crew will be in attendance.

The Festival run until November  and you can view the full programme at