Cooling sea is best remedy after long and stressful day

Torbay Weekly

My goodness this heatwave is glorious and, of course, us classic Brits are already moaning about how hot it is - let's face it, it really is hot out there!

But with glorious sunshine, over 20 degree heat during the day and these long summer evenings, it also presents us the perfect opportunity to embrace living in Torbay to its fullest by taking a dip in the sea.

For lots of people a dip in the sea may be the equivalent of dipping the big toe in the water for three seconds and responding with ‘bit too cold that’ before returning to our beach towels for a lay down.

However, for many of us, taking the plunge into that cooling sea is the best remedy after a long, hot, stressful, busy day.

The current sea temperature is 17’C and will continue to rise until at least September.

Now, that may seem too chilly to a fair few of you but when you compare it to the cold harsh sea temperature of around 8’C during the winter months, you can really appreciate how warm that sea must feel right now, particularly for local sea swimming groups.

There are many of them but to name a few, we have the brilliant 365 Sea Swim group which has now grown across the world with many joining their community to swim in the sea 365 days a year.

Taking part in this challenge has raised thousands of pounds for their chosen charities.

We also have Allie Dart running the Swim The Pier for A Year, who has also raised money for her chosen charity by taking the plunge into the sea every day from Paignton Pier.

Then there’s Team Healthscape, who run their own swimming groups off Broadsands beach too - more on them later.

I can vouch for most of Brixham when I say how wonderful it is to know Shoalstone Pool is now open for public use once again.

After a somewhat difficult year of delays due to pandemic, maintenance and repairs work along with lack of funds – a strong community has managed to push past these issues and work extremely hard to ensure the pool is safe and open to public for the summer.

We are proud to say that Rosie from our team at Fishcombe Cove Café has joined the Shoalstone lifeguard team to help keep everyone safe while on her days off.

Just from writing the above, it just goes to show how our waters are being used to create wonderful opportunities, whether it is employment, community volunteers, keeping people safe or raising money for charities: the proof is in the pudding when we see that it goes so much deeper than that - excuse the pun.

The positive mental impact swimming in the sea has on us is huge. I can vouch for this.

The last week or so little Fishcombe Cove Café with its felt roof has seen highs of 35’C inside- which doesn’t make for a very comfy environment to be in all day - counting down the days for our super duper new fan to arrive - so after a busy long and very hot day, my energy can be zapped.

But by getting in the sea - admittedly with my wetsuit - the instant relief I feel as I submerse myself in the water is beyond words.

Your body instantly feels cooler, your feet feel weightless, and you instantly feel lighter.

You can smell the salty air and feel the water splash against your face while the hot sun beats down over the water, and for that moment, you forget about the fear of being cold, or how hard the day has been.

You have been taken away from what was happening 20 minutes ago and put straight into the moment, then, once your body is used to the water, it is impossible to want to be anywhere else.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the very next best thing to a holiday.

Of course, I am biased on this one, Fishcombe and Churston Cove are beautiful, hidden, tranquil coves and are perfect for swimming but I am sure there are many of you who feel the same.

If you don’t feel the same way because you haven’t been in the sea yet, maybe this week is the week you give it a go. Even if its for five minutes.

Back to my mention earlier of Healthscape CIC: Guy and Megan, a wonderful couple who created the team at Healthscape CIC, noticed the positive mental health benefits swimming in the sea has on our brains and have worked hard to bring this awareness to those who may not have wanted to swim in the sea before.

They run daily swims from various locations with paddleboards, snorkels show a big passion for exercising positive mental health awareness into these activities.

Both Healthscape and Fishcombe Cove Café have been busy behind the scenes organising the event Sea-Therapy - an evening down on the cove with the team from Healthscape to discuss cold water immersion and how important it is for our minds and bodies.

They have arranged for a mental health nurse from Mindmaps to come along and talk about the links of positive mental health and sea swimming, and Pankind will be joining with their pan drum to bring some calming vibes down the cove.

The café will be hosting a barbecue too.

Tickets are available for this event via and are £6 each or £10 for a VIP ticket which includes snorkel/paddleboard after the event.

This event will take place on Tuesday, August 3, at 5.30pm until approximately 8.30pm. Tickets must be bought prior to the event.

Speaking of events, I am extremely excited to announce a Seagrass talk event down on the cove in August.

We have a guest speaker coming down to educate us all about the seagrass we are lucky enough to have growing in our Bay along with its importance for the marine biology.

This event will also go hand in hand with new instalments of seagrass friendly moorings buoys at Fishcombe Cove – such wonderful news for everyone involved.

Our precious and delicate marine ecosystem along with people enjoying their boats can both be in the water without having to compromise.

Over the last year local divers have informed me of how the seagrass is growing in abundance off the coves.

I am so relieved to hear that these eco friendly mooring buoys will protect the seagrass further, and this particular Seagrass talk will be the perfect opportunity to find out why it’s so important, how it enhances our marine life - seahorses, lobsters - and any other questions you may have.

More information will be online via social media pages soon!

In the meantime, keep yourselves safe, hydrated and enjoy the beautiful area we live in.