Community Matters: It's time to rebuild community social gatherings

Torbay Weekly

Joey Damiral, community builder for Chelston, Cockington and Livermead:

Torbay is an amazing place, full of remarkable people, and my role as the community builder for Chelston, Cockington and Livermead has enabled me to witness this first-hand.

We have been through such difficult times over the past two years and despite this, have pulled together and supported one another as best we can.

The community spirit has been nothing short of heroic, so let’s all hold our heads up high and look forward to what this year has in store.

A year to celebrate our Queen and country, a year to venture out and meet more people and a year of relief and joyful encounters.

Let’s make this year a great one!

I am interested in hearing from you about what community groups you would like to see across Torbay, especially within Chelston, Cockington, and Livermead.

This is certainly a re-building period for social gatherings, as many of us are now feeling ready to get back out in the community and involved in groups that spark our interests.

So, please send me your ideas about groups that you would like to participate in.

If you would also like to take the lead in a particular group, then let me know, as that would be extremely positive.

The Chelston Community Social will launch in March and will take place every Thursday from 11am until 1pm at the Haywain pub and is open to all.

It will include hot drinks, free pool, free darts and a free hour of music and games.

Come along and meet people and have a good time.

The pub will be opening early just for this group, so please make the most of this opportunity!

The Geek Retreat is also opening in March in Torquay town centre, enabling enthusiasts to meet up and play games whilst discussing the joys of pop culture.

Community Pony CIC has recently launched, offering pony therapy, which is a unique and fascinating provision for mental health.

More opportunities to come!

Please get in touch to discuss things further - email, call 07754 609 494 or my Facebook page @joeyCB