Comfortable victories for leading South Devon and Torbay Table Tennis League teams

Torbay Weekly

There is little change at the top of the first division of the Albany sponsored South Devon and Torbay Table Tennis League.

The leading two Newton Abbot teams, well ahead of the rest of the field, had comfortable 8-1 victories.

NA Buzzards, sitting at the top of the table, defeated stablemates NA Condors. Kevin Nicholls and Lauren Loosemore were unbeaten, while NA Batmen, in second spot, also won 8-1 against Halwell A, with maximums from Mark Burridge and Naomi Jackson.

The lead is constantly changing hands in a very tight second division.

Torre Titans, with two matches this week, return to the summit as, despite a narrow 5-4 defeat by Taverners. They followed that up with a fine 7-2 win over NA Raptors. There were maximums from Chris Harper against the Taverners and Ed Crawford against the Raptors.

Previous leaders, NA Falcons, suffered a 5-4 defeat at Brixham against a Martin Sharp-inspired Brixham Gulls.

NA Owls' title challenge faltered with another loss and a first defeat for Giles Tushingham against Torbay Academy 2. Stuart Shipley defeating Tushingham on the way to a fine maximum was well supported by Ben Hoare.

Ian Saxby and Holly Johns were unbeaten as Brixham Trawlers defeated Taverners 7-2.

Third Division leaders Torre Panthers postponement of their match this week gave the opportunity for NA Hawks to return to the top of the third division table with a 7-2 win over The Grove, Jackie Whitehorn with a maximum for the Hawks.

Elsa Perry was again unbeaten as her Torbay Academy 3 side defeated Club mates Academy 4 6-3.

Similarly to the third division, Torre Thunders’ postponement of their match allowed Torbay Academy 5 to take advantage and hit the top of the table again with a 7-2 win over club mates Torbay Academy 6, Will Whittington and Naty Mitranescu being undefeated for the young Academy 5 side.

NA Harriers, with another maximum from Keith Haslam, defeated club mates NA Vultures 6-3.

A maximum from Terry Stead was not quite enough for the Brixham Seals as they went down 4-5 to NA Merlins.



NA Batmen 8 (Burridge 3, Jackson 3, D Gibbs 2) Halwell A 1 (Mercer 1, Dunn 0, Sugden 0)

NA Condors 1 (Davies 1, Thompson 0, Parkins 0) NA Buzzards 8 (Loosemore 3, Nicholls 3, Ryland 2)


Torre Titans 4 (Harper 3, Crawford 1) Taverners 5 (Dilkes 1, Read 1, Harrop 0, Awarded 3)

Brixham Trawlers 7 (Saxby 3, Johns 3, Williamson 1) Taverners 2 (Dilkes 1, Harrop 1, Read 0)

Brixham Gulls 5 (Sharp 3, Tyler 2, Metcalfe 0) NA Falcons 4 (McIvor 2, Freeman 1, Wilshire 1)

NA Owls 4 (Tushingham 2, M Cyron 1, W Cyron 1) Torbay Academy (2) 5 (S Shipley 3, Hoare 2, Damanskas 0)

NA Raptors 2 (Hine 2, Darch 0, Sage 0) Torre Titans 7 (Crawford 3, Harper 2, Nguyen 2)


Torbay Academy (4) 3 (Fowler 1, Harris 1, Moretta 1) Torbay Academy (3) 6 (Perry 3, Gibbs 2, Payne 1)

NA Hawks 7 (Whitehorn 3, Swettenham 2, Morgan 2) The Grove 2 (Pearson 2, Daly 0, Cornish 0)


Torbay Academy (5) 7 (Whittington 3, Mitranescu 3, Fowler 1) Torbay Academy (6) 2 (Palin 1, Ichim 1, Brookes 0)

Brixham Seals 4 (Stead 3, Andrews 1, Thornton 0) NA Merlins 5 (Olver 2, Kitchen 2, Bishop 1)

NA Vultures 3 (Lee 2, Thain 1, Heather 0) NA Harriers 6 (Haslam 3, Winstanley 2, Dulling 1)