College's summer academy will offer everything - including the secrets of mummification

Torbay Weekly

A special South Devon Summer Academy spanning an array of topics from animal care to mummification is being launched by South Devon College.

It aims to put young students in the best position to start their studies this September.

The college hopes its new initiative for year 11 students coming up to leaving school will help them get ahead. A college spokesman said: "The Academy is an opportunity to try out some of the exciting things on offer at the college. From Early Years to Public Services, there are lots of ways for students to get ahead and learn something new, as well as meeting new people with similar interests."

Subjects include beauty treatments, a chance to learn about mammals and livestock and have the opportunity to meet the animals at the College’s Animal Care Unit, how to play in a band and even on how to delve into the secrets of mummification! The twilight sessions for each subject will run across two to six weeks.

Learners don’t even need to have applied for a course at the College yet. This programme is open for year 11 students to register that are keen to set themselves apart from the rest.

The spokesman said: "The college is keen to offer students as many new and exciting opportunities as possible after such a challenging year. Whatever people's plans, goals or next steps are,  we want to help them get there."

The sessions will be run in strict accordance with Covid restrictions.

The spokesman added: "The college is offering these programmes in line with current Covid-19 restrictions, requiring you to show a recent negative test result within four days before each session. Masks will be required at all times unless exempt and if somebody has any coronavirus symptoms they won’t be able to attend."

The Summer Academy sessions are taking place on various days between April 21 and and July 23.

You can find out more about the Summer Academy programme by visiting If you have any questions,  you can make contact by calling 08000 380 123 or emailing