Christmas market shows Winner Street is buzzing

Torbay Weekly

Winner Street is on the up. That's the message from traders and residents in the Paignton street after a hugely successful Christmas market showed how the local community is coming together and putting a challenging past well and truly behind them.

The market was a community-inspired, all round team effort with a helping financial hand from the Paignton and Preston Town Centre Community Ward Partnership.

Husband and wife Winner Street traders Jordan and Ceri Pearson were the main driving force behind the actual market. Jordan took to social media to thank people for their support.

He said: "Thank you so much to everyone who got involved or attended, as it took every single person there to make it the success it was. Also a huge thank you must go to the community partnership who financially contributed to ensure the event could go ahead.

"Seeing the street buzzing, full of people, and the community coming together to support one another was something truly amazing. It really shows with a little bit of work an area can change and culture can grow.

"More than anything it made me excited for the future. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in Winner Street in 2022."

He added: "Nearly three years ago myself and Ceri embarked on a journey in Winner Street. We had a vision that the culture can truly change and it will be a place in which people will want to come to again.

"The thing we learned early on was that we needed the community with us. In this time we’ve opened three of our own businesses, a community coffee shop and roastery, along with a new craft beer bar and bottle shop.

"We’ve also seen seven new business start in this street and a true community coming together.

"So with this new energy Ceri and myself hosted a Christmas Market to showcase how far this community as come. So, if you haven’t been to Winner Street lately then you definitely need to."

A local resident said: "It was real community effort. There was a great atmosphere. Winner Street is progressing. It is buzzing."