Christmas is here and don't you just love it

Torbay Weekly

Well, well, well, December has arrived! I feel like people have been getting in the festive spirit much earlier this year, is it just me? More Christmas trees and lights on display than I can ever remember for end of November/early December – and I love it!   There’s something very comforting about looking across the harbour to see people’s windows and gardens lit up

It really was such a shame that Storm Arwen came charging through with its 93mph gusts over Berry Head causing major disruption across the UK. More specifically to Brixham’s Lights and Lanterns festival.

People travelled across the country especially for the event, local businesses and traders had been busy planning for this date and as a general I feel we were all very excited over it, so as a collaborative we were all gutted.

The ultimate decision was made to ensure the safety of others which is of course, most important. And in all honesty, with such arctic winds …could you imagine having a stall under a gazebo with Storm Arwen whipping everything around?  
Despite it being cancelled for safety reason by the Council and organisers, the Christmas Cheer was in full swing in the town. Particularly on Middle St, having taken a little stroll downtown myself I was surprised to see the local pub, The Manor brimming with festive cheer. At the bottom of the hill had Brixham Maid selling their special slow cooked beef brisket, cranberry, and stilton festive rolls then, as you walked down the road towards the harbour the spirit only grew with Christmas songs in the background of shops and people walking around with Mulled Wine.

The Christmas lights were still turned on for us all to enjoy (when it was less windy) and I think this they are looking great. Around the Fish Market are icicle style lights and on the pontoon in the harbour sits a variety of Christmas statues/lights.

Have you been to Brixham lately? If so, you may have noticed that not only are the Christmas lights on around the Fish Market and on the pontoon, but there are lots more large instalments around houses and businesses and they’re not always the festive ones.   Anytime after approx 6pm (sometimes earlier as it’s dark by 5pm) you can see the likes of a giant octopus lit up over Rockfish, across the harbour you can find a bright red Crab over The Ernie Lister, a big orange salmon, a bright coloured parrot, and as you turn around to look back over the harbour towards to Golden Hind you will see even more lights popping up on the outside of people’s houses and buildings, the most recent of instalments being a big love heart shape balloon with the words ‘love brixham’ in red lighting and it look fabulous in all its glory.

I recommend wrapping up warm, taking a flask with something warm, tea, coffee…mulled wine, maybe get stuck in with a mince pie for the walk too and take a stroll around the harbour of an evening to see for yourself. If you find yourself uploading photos of these lights onto social media, be sure to tag @lightingupbrixham so they can see how much their work is being enjoyed.

The reason behind it all? Two wonderful locals, Vicky Pritchard-Davies and Neil Worrell set ‘Lighting Up Brixham’ as an initiative to raise money & awareness. They do this by creating funky and eye-catching lighting designs to go up on the outside of buildings o join the rest of Brixham in the winter months, so when the evenings draw in you can look out your windows to see more than just darkness. Monies raised go back into Brixham by helping to improve areas within the town.

The pair share the same goal, to have Brixham known as the brightest town in the West, and it is working.   If you want to learn more, I recommend checking out their website, I wish them all the best them!