Chloe Pavely: Mixed bag of emotions with end of season in sight

Joseph Bulmer

The view from Fishcombe Cove Cafe with Chloe Pavely:

Just a few weeks left until the end of our season here at Fishcombe Cove Cafe.

After one of the busiest seasons known, I can honestly say it's a mixed bag of emotions popping up at this time of year.

I will really miss serving all of the lovely customers, from the locals who often come down and say hello, the visitors who make special effort to come down when they visit the area, and the people who stumble upon the cafe without realising it was there.

There's always such a buzz and different conversations.

I will miss the smell of the freshly ground coffee beans in the morning and making flat whites, cappuccino and lattes, often with very questionable latte art! I will most certainly miss enjoying the view of the cove with Torbay in the background - even on the most grey of days that view will never fail to impress me.

But with that, also comes the things I am really looking forward to, such as enjoying more than one day off throughout the week.

I hope I actually get chance to catch up with all my washing! I look forward to not having to carry all of the stock from the van down to the cafe every day - despite the fact it has been my means of a daily workout the last eight months.

And I can't wait to explore more and go on adventures over the winter.

It's funny when you have a set daily routine, it becomes second nature so easily. For me, my mornings consist of going to a shop daily for stock, placing orders with suppliers, finishing the staff rota etc.

To go then to nothing. Almost a total standstill from a routine I have adapted to since March.

With that it gives me the opportunity to take time to sit, (sleep), reflect and think... but it's not long before I want to get stuck into another project of some sort.

I enjoy being busy, creative and helpful. I like contributing to positive changes, ideas and group within the community.

It's a personal drive of mine which boils down to fulfilment, and when I feel that I am a part of a positive movement, or just generally being helpful, I feed that fulfilment fire.

I plan on spending my days in Torbay until Christmas, which means I will be looking for many ways to fill my time throughout November and December... ideally learning something new - can anyone recommend an evening pottery workshop? - and offering my services to anyone who may want a helping hand in something, whether that's coffee making, discussing ideas for events etc, cooking/baking, helping in a shop, covering any absences with staff, or maybe on a new project.

If you think I can help and I'm available, then I will. Feel free to drop me an email via and we can go from there.