Chloe Pavely: Get out in the big outdoors this autumn

Torbay Weekly

The view from Fishcombe Cove Cafe with Chloe Pavely:

It’s that wonderful time of year where country walks on a Sunday afternoon come into their own, ideally followed by a roast dinner in the local country pub followed by a lit fire and a cosy night in.

The nights have officially started drawing in - not entirely OK with it being dark by 7.30pm but swings and roundabouts, the temperature has most certainly dropped a few degrees and it’s time to ditch sandals for fluffy socks and wellies along with the swap from summer jackets to big thick coats, and if I’m honest with you, I am here for it!

Thankfully, September was fairly kind to us with warm weather and majority of the month being dry, but now it’s time to dig out the layers and put the shorts and T-shirts away until next year.

It’s this time of year I find myself looking and planning for different ways to spend the evenings that would compliment the type of year - let's face it barbecues and dinner on the beach are only fun if it's either warm or dry... gale force winds and cold evenings make it for a much less-comfortable sitting.

As briefly mentioned in my last column, the change of pace in life can be a difficult transition because summer can be so hectic and busy down at Fishcombe Cove.

Determined to keep my brain busy with networking and learning new things, I booked myself on to the Woman’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp via Torbay Development Agency aka TDA.

The two-day workshop ran by two ladies Jayde and Rachel from AWE.

Truth be told I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been to workshops in the past that I found to be a bit stuffy and tedious, often with me feeling out of my depth and resulting in me not getting much from it other than sweaty palms and a few scribbles jotted down on paper.

However, this workshop was different, it was totally inspiring.

A room full of woman, of all ages and in different stages in their career, some starting their new venture, some with just ideas, and others progressing their already existing business sitting and talking honestly about how we feel, and our concerns with business.

We covered topics such as business plans, mission statements along with many other topics.

Judging from what we all said in the room, it turns out a lot of us feel in the same boat with being exhausted and tired after this year.

I guess that will be the aftermath of various lockdowns, and the side effects a global pandemic has on all of us, whether we felt effected or not.

If you have a business, starting out, or anything along those lines, I really do recommend joining the TDA mailing list and seeing what upcoming events they have lined up.

Spending these two days surrounded by new energy and people encouraged me to look into what else was new and happening in and around our Bay.

With it being that time of year, I enjoy looking at what’s happening in our local area and learning about the new exciting projects are coming on the scene.

We are lucky to live in area that thrives all year round due to the sheer amount of ideas and creativity people share with us.

As an example of different activities and things to do over the upcoming months, Torre Abbey are showcasing some wonderful new art exhibitions.

From October 5 in the Spanish Barn, a showcase of up to 49 different artists will be free for the public to go and see.

Until November 28, a new exhibition about Agatha Christie will be open in Torre Abbey.

After her mother’s death, an unexpected divorce and her own disappearance, Agatha discovered a passion for archaeology and Iraq, to which she found love in the most unlikely of places.

This uplifting exhibition uses her own words, photographs, letters and poetry to tell the story of her second marriage to archaeologist Max Mallowan. The result is an intimate glimpse into her extraordinary adventures to the Middle East.

To find out more about their upcoming events, visit

If you fancied getting out in the big outdoors a little more throughout autumn, outdoor specialists Reach Outdoors are currently taking bookings for their 12-week ‘Live for Adventure’ CAN Project.

This project is aimed at over-55s and encouraging to connect with nature actively.

Every Saturday over the course of 12 weeks various activities will take place on land and sea in Paignton and surrounding areas, such as bush craft, coasteering and so much more.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get active and outside while meeting more like-minded people who enjoy the same hobbies/passions.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, or you want more information, call Reach Outdoors on 01803 524950 or email

The first week meet up is due to start on Saturday, October 2, and then every Saturday thereafter.

This time of year is also great for live music too - my goodness we have endless talent in our Bay, from bands such as Mammouth, singers songwriters like Jack Wotton, to duets we all know and love such as Double A in the Bay, New Daze and Sea Eagles plus so many more.

A personal favourite spot to go and have a boogie and singalong is the Spinning Wheel, Paignton, who host a variety of different gigs with musicians every week.

BayView Bar at Fishcombe Holiday Park often have music and different events throughout the week too. Follow their social media page to find out who what and when.

We also have the wonderful - also my local - pub, The Queens Arms in Furzeham. Not only do they have a huge selection of ales to try if that’s your tipple, but they often have live music throughout the week/weekend, with artists such as Chris Thomas among other local bands.

These places mentioned always have a brilliant atmosphere and have become a great place to spend the evenings, especially now it’s getting a bit chillier outside.

I wish I could list more, as we are so lucky to have endless venues here but I just don’t have enough space.

If you have an event coming up or possibly a workshop, evening class in the local area please do let me know, not only does it mean I can write about it and spread the word but I would also really like to spend the autumn/winter trying out new activities and classes.

Ideally a pottery class, possibly even a dance class too.

You can always get in contact with me via - you can get hold of me via email

All the best, catch up in two weeks, Chloe.