Children's art business owner keeps up with Torbay news - all the way from the United States

Torbay Weekly

Paignton-born children’s author and artist Hannah Perry subscribes to the digital edition of the Torbay Weekly all the way from the United States, where she now lives.

Now an art studio owner, Hannah loves reading news from home, especially as her father is none other than popular Torbay Weekly columnist Keith Perry.

“Torbay was my favourite place to be as a child and I have fond memories of being with my grandparents for the summer, building sandcastles on the beach, and exploring the rock pools!

"My father, Keith Perry, is still in Paignton and I look forward to reading his column 'Walkabout Torbay' in your paper. It reminds me how beautiful England is and how much I can't wait to go home and walk the places he talks about.

"I now live in Connecticut. I own a children's art business that I recently franchised. Kids can go online and watch our free tutorials from the UK, so check out The Giggling Pig ( more information.

"I also have published a couple of children's books now on my characters and built a brand that has become very well known in the CT area.

"Although life is good here, I never forget my roots as they are what made me who I am today.

"I am proud to be British. I miss Torbay, Devonshire ice cream and fish and chips, British humour and sometimes my dad. Hope to see him soon!

"Of all the places I have lived and visited, there is no place like home.”