Chefshare looking to inspire the industry

Torbay Weekly

The Chefshare Recruitment Agency, based on Palk Street in Torquay, have joined the Torbay campaign to encourage more people to embark on a career in the tourism and hospitality industry.  
Chefshare are a Torquay-based, leading national chef recruitment agency with services supplied from Cornwall to Scotland, as well as local businesses.
The team at Chefshare have described the current situation in the jobs market as dire and they currently have 10-15 chef vacancies in Torbay; Devon-wide its 74.  
In comparison, in 2019 the maximum was 47 vacancies. They are also having trouble recruiting relief chefs, with 12,000 hours per week to fill (average normally 2,000), plus a further 5,000 coming in, so 17,000 hours per week.
For freelancers in the chef industry, the market is in a situation of the highest bidder, wages are going up and up, and the bubble will burst at some point but a fantastic time for qualified chefs to seek out the opportunities available.
Historically, there is an acceptance that the sector has needed to do more in terms with looking after their staff, particularly when it comes to wages, benefits and welfare.
Staff who have been on furlough have reviewed their lives and realised they can find jobs that give them better work life balance, don’t have to miss birthdays and Christmas’s etc. Covid has made people think, life changes. Many are changing professions. Before Covid, a Chef de Partie would be paid the same as four days per week in lower-skilled jobs.
Covid has forced the hospitality industry to take a look at how things have operated and Chefshare wants to support long term change and present/ relaunch careers in the industry, create excitement for the sector and a platform for aspirations is needed.
Chefshare already works with South Devon College, identifying the need to recruit young people and enthuse the next generation of talented chefs to embark, or resurrect, a career in a sector that can bring a huge amount of personal and professional fulfillment.