Charitable Trust plan revealed to boost future of Abbey

Torbay Weekly

A new way of finding funding to secure the future of one of Torbay's historic gems is being planned.

Torbay Council wants to create an independent Development Foundation. The Torre Abbey Development Foundation would have charitable status and open opportunities for the Abbey to apply to a wider range of funds, which currently are only available to charities.

Since the start of the global pandemic, grant funding has become even more competitive and necessary. With many funding pots being oversubscribed and not always available to local authorities, Torre Abbey has been very limited on what grant support can be applied for.

A charitable trust would make it possible to seek and secure additional funding for the Abbey.

The council says further investment in the buildings and grounds of the Abbey will enable the attraction to become more sustainable in the longer term.

The Abbey has a long standing relationship with the Friends of Torre Abbey group whose support has been invaluable both through previous restoration phases, and smaller conservation projects and collection acquisitions.

The council says the FOTA will continue to play a vital role in the Abbey’s future.

If the proposals are agreed the day-to-day operation of Torre Abbey will remain under the care and management of Torbay Council.