Pete Gregory with a double figure Bull huss

Catch and Release tagging of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna

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Following last year’s first season of Catch and Release tagging (CHART) of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, DEFRA have now issued licences for this coming season, which runs from August 15 until December.

Not only is this an opportunity for British Anglers to catch these huge sportfish but also help with the scientific study of their movements. As this is a catch and release licence, no accurate wight of fish hooked are given, although fish estimated at over 400lbs are brought to the side of the boats regularly after a long and hard fight.

The British record stands at 852lbs and was caught by L Mitchell-Henry out of Whitby in 1933. Three boats in our area have been granted licences, Spot On out of Brixham, Outlaw out of Dartmouth and Plymouths Crusader Charters. If you would like more details, please contact the skippers direct via their websites.

John Selley with a double figure Mirror Carp from Newbarn Angling Centre
John Selley with a double figure Mirror Carp from Newbarn Angling Centre

Mackerel are still around although they can be caught from a venue one day and not the next. Bass and Gilthead Bream are still in the estuaries and Smoothhounds from the shore, along with a few Plaice. Catches this week include Turbot and Bullhuss for Honiton SAC members Mike Spiller and Pete Gregory.

Mini species such as Corkwing Wrasse, Blennies and Gobies are abundant round harbours and piers and Brixham Breakwater is a good place to try for these species using Light Rock Fishing (LRF) gear. I use a Twin tip Penn rampage rod with tips from 5gm to 15gm and a small fixed spool reel loaded with 6lb braid with a fluorocarbon leader. Many anglers say that using small lures is the only way to LRF fish but using a size 10 or 12 hook and a small piece of ragworm or squid as bait can give great results.

Newbarn Angling Centre continues to fish well with the Carp taking baits off the surface and also ledgered boillies. John Selley fished an overnight session taking several fish, including a chunky double figure Mirror Carp.

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Mike Spiller with a Turbot
Mike Spiller with a Turbot