Cat Chat: Top tips to keep your cat happy this Christmas

Torbay Weekly

With all the exciting preparations coming up, it is worth remembering our cats at this busy time of year.

Cats do not understand Christmas, and they certainly do not welcome the change to routine, so here are a few tips to keep them safe and happy.

The lead up

With all the coming and going, deliveries, extra food piled up, music, decorations going up, it's important to ensure your cats have access to a quiet area they feel safe in, usually a bedroom, conservatory etc, and ensure there is a litter tray there, so as not to encounter accidents from confused or nervous cats.

Litter trays

Try not to move them or block them with the tree, boxes etc, otherwise you might find unwelcome little accidents!


As well as ensuring you have a good supply of your cat’s usual food, also remember, while it is lovely to share the turkey, sausages and various other nibbles with them, this should not be overdone, or they will be poorly. They do not generally like gravy and vegetables etc!

Christmas tree

Most cats see the tree as an exciting challenge; however, they can chew and ingest tinsel, fuse the lights and even get stuck or injured! If you think they have eaten tinsel, you need to call and speak with the vet asap.


If your cat is on medication please ensure the times are kept as routine and you have enough to last throughout the holiday.

New arrivals

If you are planning to introduce a cat soon please consider keeping this until after the holidays, it is a very stressful time for an established pet so would be much more for a new little furry friend.

Thank you for your support throughout the year and wishing all our supporters a very happy Christmas and the best for 2022.