Caroline's cruise ships books on way to crews

Torbay Weekly

Special books are on their way to the cruise ships to mark their time in the Bay.

The books - comprising a collection of photographs of the ships from residents across the Bay - was the brainwave of retired college worker Caroline Sleeman.

After appealing for pictures, Caroline contacted the directors of Eat That Frog Community Interest Company and with the help of Torquay Centre Manager Lucie Johnson and Mitch Searle, one of their digital skills tutors, Caroline's dream became a reality..

The Torquay harbour master's office supplied the final piece in the jigsaw when they agreed to hand over the the books to the cruise ship crews when they visit the harbour

Caroline said: "They are going to try to get a book to each of the captains of the ships which would be incredible.  I can't thank them enough."

She has already raised hundreds of pounds for the local RNLI with the sale of the books.