Busy days ahead - but it's great to see so many have come to visit Torbay

Torbay Weekly

Well, is it just me or is it absolutely manic everywhere?

We know August is always a busy time in the calendar but this year, wow!

But, I have to say my heart is gladdened by the amount of people visiting Torbay and while it can be just that little bit frustrating when you can’t park or book a meal at your regular restaurant, we must never forget what we have all been through this past two years all over the UK.

The word 'unprecedented' has been used time and time again but I can think of a better word to describe the pandemic and what it's put us all through.

Down here in the South West, and especially Torbay, we have had our fair share of loss and sadness but so have the rest of the country and the fact that millions of people want to come here and relax, kick back and try to forget the last two years is a huge compliment, as far as I am concerned.

Nobody is forcing them to come here and they have had to save up their very hard-earned money to come here the best way they can, despite lockdowns, and less hours at work, that in itself is an achievement and to do all that and still want to come and visit the best place in the world to live - in my humble opinion - is just wonderful to see.

Yes, we ourselves have had the frustration of nowhere to park in Brixham and Paignton, we struggled when we went to Dawlish, but thankfully the car parks in Torbay are holding up quite well and long may they do so.

As any hotelier or B&B owner will tell you, repeat business is the life blood of their business so if we all make sure the tourists have the most wonderful time, they will come back time and time again.

After all our very own families do, don’t they?

Yes, it's true, the benefits - for most of us - of living in this incredible place is that friends and family from all over the country want to come and stay with us and at this time of year especially its so wonderful to see them all.

We have all been through so much and the winter months will be here soon enough for sure. All the hotels, cafes, restaurants, pubs, B&B s and small businesses have had such a hard time and we wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

So to see the streets of Torquay and beyond absolutely throbbing is fantastic for those businesses.

Some have lost their livelihoods and the lifting of restrictions was all too late for them and we all wish them well in the future, but those who just about got by now have to regroup, rebuild and hope for such a busy end to the season - and we hope this will happen and carry on happening in future years.

If nothing else, we are so resourceful here in the UK and the community spirit right here in Torbay is the highest I have ever come across so it’s now our turn to help our very own businesses by being just that little more patient with all that visit Torquay.

We wish them well and hope they will come back again. After all, after months of sleepless nights for the business owners, how nice must it be to know their very own bills are starting to be paid and staff being looked after.

You see, we are not all that different, are we?