Bursary programme welcomes renowned Westcountry talents to Torbay

Torbay Weekly

Two unique collections of work will tour Torbay thanks to the Artizan Bursary programme, which has made awards for the first time in 2021.  
Artists Rod Ashman and Mike Tingle will bring their respective showcases, “Fire Water Stone” and “Butterfly Blake and Bong-Tree” to Artizan’s Lucius Street venue.
Julie Brandon, Director Artizan Gallery, said: “The ambitions of the Artizan Bursary programme are broad. It might invite emerging talent from the immediate area, or alternatively provide a platform to bring artists to Torbay that audiences otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to experience.  
Ultimately, the hope is it will help us to continually evolve our programme, bringing new and high-quality work to the venue for audiences to enjoy.”  
Currently hosted at Fleet Walk in the Artizan Collective Gallery, the Collective is providing a vibrant creative hub delivering opportunities for artists and audiences living and working in the Bay, as well as contributing to the English Riviera's cultural tourism offer.