Brixham Lottery winner takes to the skies in a Spitfire

Torbay Weekly

Lottery fever has struck home in Brixham.

People are rushing to buy the card tickets for the fourth round of the newly-established local lottery due to be drawn next month.

Chief organiser John Rudden said: "We are delighted with the local support we are receiving.

"People know that our lottery cards make an excellent alternative to normal cards for any occasion. Also, local people see the outputs with new local murals, floral displays, and small projects and our future free public celebrations of major events next year.

"The Brixham Lottery also supports other local activities including the Brixham Library and recently funded the 105th birthday celebrations of Fred Bates, a local World War Two veteran.

"It also helped fund floral displays and other local improvements. One hundred per cent of income generated goes to a local project or good cause."

The Brixham Lottery has delivered prizes including a Spitfire flight, a luxury cruise for two and an electric bike or alternative cash prizes amounting to thousands of pounds.

"The secret of its success has been that it sells very few tickets so people know they have a good chance. On the National Lottery, it is one-in-45 million and Euro Millions one-in-139 million chance."

The gift card tickets are available from a wide range of local shops including Flour Flower Cafe & Florist, Shells Colours of Brixham Art Shop, Chris Slack Photography, Dobles Jewellers, Trinity Cakes and the Chart Room.